Street Fighter IV Statue 1/4 Evil Ryu 42 cm

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Street Fighter IV Statue 1/4 Evil Ryu 42 cm Barcode: 718117173059

Pop Culture Shock Collectibles is proud to present it’s very first independent 1:4 scale Evil Ryu statue, a unique sculpt created from the actual CG model, and not just a palette swap.

This is Ryu stained with the blood of death, Supreme Master of the Fist, brutal and murderous, looking for the one that can defeat him. The fine artists at PCS have perfectly captured his menace and power, perfecting all his signature elements, from his animalistic fangs to his Akuma-like spikey inferno of hair. And of course no Evil Ryu would be complete without the gaping crater to hell burned into his chest, or that scar on his back that looks ominously like a “Heaven” kanji..

Ryu comes with cloth tailored costume and LED light up functions in the eyes, chest and back.

Product Size: 42 cm