2023-24 Panini Hoops Basketball Blaster Box

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2023/24 Panini NBA Hoops Basketball Blaster Box

Product Summary:
- 2023-24 Hoops Basketball kicks off the new NBA season with your chance to collect the first rookie cards of the 2023 NBA Draft in their NBA jerseys!

- Search for Hobby-Exclusive Red parallels numbered to 25 or less in each set!

- Collect all of the unique Hobby-Exclusive Insert designs that showcase NBA Stars, old and new, with tons of variety! Chase after the new inserts such as Attack the Rack, Presentations, Extreme Team, Sheesh, and Ignition!

- Search for a variety of Hobby-Exclusive Base parallels including Red Backs, Purple, Silver (#’d/199), Green (#’d/99), Gravity (#’d/75), Artist Proof (#’d/25), Artist Proof Gold (#’d/10) and the one-of-one Artist Proof Black!

- Chase after autographs of some of the top rookies in the 2023 NBA Draft in the super popular Hoops Art Signatures, which can only be found
in Hobby Boxes!

Product Configuration:

- 8 cards per pack

Product Details:

  - Search for Hobby exclusive Red parallels, #’d/25 or less, in autograph sets of the top rookies and NBA superstars!

  - Find a variation of insert content including Hobby exclusive JAM-tastic, Hoops Throwback, Spark Plugs, HIPnotized, Highlights, We Got Next, Now Playing, Ignition and Rookie Special!

  - Search for the return of popular Hobby-Exclusive inserts Road to the Finals, Championship Moments, Finals MVP, Champions, and Parade! Also look for the new inserts Presentations and Extreme Team, which can only be found in Hobby Boxes!

  - Find multiple Hobby-Exclusive Base parallels that include Gravity (#’d/75), Base Artist Proof (#’d/25), Artist Proof Gold (#’d/10), and Artist Proof Black (#’d/1)!