Steelplay Transparent Protection Kit for the Switch Lite (Switch)

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The Steelplay Protection Kit offers the essential accessories to protect your console from shocks, falls, scratches... in all circumstances. A transparent shell perfectly adapted to the console and a 9H tempered glass protective screen.


Protective Case
● Protects the console from shocks, falls, scratches...
● Semi-rigid TPU for increased protection
● Transparent to maintain the color of the console
● Designed for a better grip
● Perfectly adapted cutting that allows easy access to all buttons, ports,
● Serves as a support for the console
● Dimensions: 21.2 x 3.5 x 9.5cm

Screen Protection
● 9H Tempered Glass for enhanced impact and scratches resistance
● Highly resistant due to high hardness index
● Very thin (0.33mm thick) and 100% transparent for unobstructed visibility
● Rounded edges for a safe and improved grip
● Includes a screen protector, an applicator, and a cleaning cloth
● High-response - original touch experience preserved

Key Strength
● Lightweight and ergonomic
● Ultra resistant